Standalone uninstallers for CAV, CPF, etc.

I was wondering if you have thought on creating a standalone uninstaller to force uninstalls for the CPF and CAV. I remember that with norton and mcafee and other suites if for some reason the installation didn’t completed was impossible to try to install them a second time. And if this happens then new users will feal uncomfortable about comodo products.

This thought crossed my mind because of the problem that had the new member “chry”.,363.0.html,365.0.html

“Chry” had mess with the files of CPF and wanted to install again the firewall but couldn’t.
For helping him I had to make a reg file (modificate it for the italian version of windows) and upload it to him with all the files that are installed during the initial installation of CPF (I could make also an installer but I wasn’t in the mood :stuck_out_tongue: ).

If there was an option to download a standalone uninstaller probably he could have solved this problem by himself and not be as desparate as he was the moment that he posted here.

It is a very simple thing to do and it can solve a lot of problems


yes sounds practical and useful. I would recommend you put this in the wish list for each product pls so that it will be considered for each product.

At the moment we have InstallShield based installer and un-installer. We have created our own installer and with every product there will be it’s own un-installer, so no thirdparty dependency will be there.
Our own installer is in testing at the moment and we plan to release it sometime in July, 2006.