Standalone Help Section and AOL??

Is there a stand alone help page?

The reason I ask is because like a numbskull I deleted my AOL rules to start over and when I opened the app, I couldn’t get an internet connection although I was already online with Firefox. After several attempts at fixes, I uninstalled CFP and now I can connect with AOL.

Anyway, before I reinstall, I want to thoroughly read the help section, something I’ve neglected to do in the past.

Also, does any one have any custom rules for AOL? There’s four different exes. I sometimes wonder why I bother but after 10 years it’s like wart I can’t get rid of. :’(

If you go to miscellaneous/help the whole file is there with search, indexing, TOC, etc. As far as AOL, block all is a good rule. :wink: If you gotta have some of their services, they are giving a lot away free to nonsubscribers at .