Standalone Firewall runs as Internet Security Premium

Hi all,

This maybe new but I thought I bring it up.

First of all My CIS 6.2 has been having big problems so Uninstalled it and installed The Standalone Firewall from the Comodo Webpage, and it took me to CNet to get the download.

But when I got it I opened to looked and it installed as Internet Security Premium but the download file says cfw_installer.exe

Then I right Clicked it and it said Internet Security Premium

So Eva this is New or a Mistake on CNET ?

So I thought I bring it up.



Looks like a mistake on CNET to me…

I just tried a test by Downloading

The Standalone Comodo Antivirus and I get the file from and it Directed me to CNET to get it. I download the cav_installer.exe and when I checked the file under My Downloads under Properties it showed COMODO Internet Security just like the Standalone Firewall.

So I just thought I add that info.



Edited: Spelling mistake.

So I wonder when I will know, that it’s OK to get the Standalone firewall from CNET ?

At the Moment since I can’t install CIS 6.2

I have to have Avast 8.0

I have no firewall installed I just have the Windows 7 one running only.

So any info will be good.



You can get the standalone files here:

Many Thanks L.A.R. Grizzly, I’m able to use Comodo Firewall as a Standalone now. Many thanks for Directing me to those Links

Kind Regards