Stand-by or hibernate?

Hi! I have just installed BIClean after reading some very good reviews and following some threads in Majorgeeks… My first impression of the application is very good but I wonder whether there is a way to circumvent the following issue: if I check the option " monitor system continuously" to enable real-time protection, my system never goes to stand-by or hibernate mode (as is expected I guess from the fact that it monitors the system every 10 seconds or so). But, as I work in and out of my office all the time, a power managemenent scheme is necessary. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Are we talking laptop?
What are your “Power Options” set to?

Thanks for the reply, ~cat~!
No, I am using a desktop. Settings are to induce stand-by after 15 minutes and hibernate after 45 minutes. Any ideas?

I haven’t run into this that I recall… ??? but I don’t use “hibernate”.
Have you tried adjusting any of the settings?
These are mine on my laptop.
I’ll switch over to my desktop and post it’s settings in a second.

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Thanks for posting the settings, ~cat~.
What puzzles me is that it is BOcleaner that seems to interfere with stand-bay/hibernate: as soon as I tick “monitor system continuously”, without changing any of the other settings (for power management or otherwise), the system does not go to stand-by (the hard disk seems to be working all the time or at least its red light “blinks” continuously…). If I un-tick “monitor system continuously”, then power management works again…

I have “monitor system continously” enabled (as default) and my Dell desktop computer can go into stand-by.

My PC won’t go into hibernate or standby with boclean set to continues either. Any ideas on how to fix this?