Stand Alone Firewall

I really love Comodo Internet Security, but I love more firewall only. Configuring CIS defense to “firewall only” still keep all other modules loaded around there.
¿Is there a way to get stand alone firewall package? I’m no longer able to get since some time ago.

I repeat again, I don’t really need to disable anything, I want my Comodo Firewall :smiley: old school one. That 20 Mb .msi (or build a new one please (? )

Thanks in advance!

I would add to this question, wanting active firewall only. Looks to me that firewall is tied to all defense functions and deactivating all D+ modules still not fully sets off all D+ watching (I get security alerts when trying install a product using temp dir for making temporary copy of installation modules).

I really need this too.I want install and use only Comodo’s Firewall. Not full package.

Now, when I installed CIS package’s Firewall service to my PC, it has 119 MB. I dont want this.