Staminus Communications

What is COMODO doing and why is it connecting to “Staminus Communications” IP (
If necessary can you give us the IP range ( :THNK proper ones) for allowed communication, (:KWL) I run more than one type of FireWalls on all my systems.


Hi Larry, I can actually find some kind of affiliation to Comodo looking carefully into the whois info:

network:Organization;I:[b]ComodoCALtd[/b] network:Tech-Contact;I:, [b][/b]

We can be reasonably sure that it’s OK, while we wait for further qualified info from Comodo themselves.
There have also been questions in the past about some domain extern to Comodo that BOClean I think uses for updates, and Comodo confirmed it was their arrangement. I wouldn’t worry anyway.

Good catch at any rate. :wink: :-TU