Stable Version

Not since version 477 has there really been a stable version.
I have tried all the Betas and RCs.
Although i found RC2 to be pretty good
The latest is giving me problems like all the rest.I have reported in the Bugs section about v.507.
Lets hope that the next version is really first class or it’s Bye Bye.

IDK what problems you are experiencing, but I have only had a minor issue in one of the beta builds. Other than that, haven’t had any problems.

I’ve seen in your posts you’re using Windows 7 ? If so, you must know that it’s not officially supported. Also, please report the bug. (AFAIK, you’ve only posted it somewhere in the general board?)


just thought i should let you know .508 is out (use updater)

Fixes the update problem

Mainly programs not opening.
EG Intel Desktop Utilities which is a very important piece of software.It gives a reading of temperature,voltage and fan speed on the whole of my computer.
Only versions 477 and RC2 have not given me problems.
I have tried installing IDU first and then Comodo first but it makes no difference.
i see that there is an update available(508) maybe that will fix it.
Lets hope so.
Thanks for your trouble

Try to make the application trusted or a windows application
Also check if you have anything by intell in Pending files list

If that does not work add intel to My trusted Venders list, or set D+ to clean mode it will learn all the behavior of everything on your PC

On the contrary The problems i am refering to today are on my XP computer.
The Windows 7 computer likes 507

Well worth a try

Please keep us updated :slight_smile:


I surely will.
At the moment i am enjoying 508 on my Windows 7 computer.
No problems.
Lets hope it stays like that.
When i work up enough courage i will see if i can sort out my XP delinquent.
Thanks for your trouble

I have now tried everything including v.508
the problem remains
On my w.7 computer everything appears normal until the second boot when the problem returns.
I cannot do without IDU so i have gone back to v.477 on both computers.
V.477 runs perfectly with no problems on my XP computer.It appears ok on W.7 but i am still testing.
As long as it updates i will stay with 477.
I have experienced these problems many times before
Early software is very good but once more bells and whistles are added it comes off the rails.
Unfortunately Comodo is just the same which is a great pity.
Maybe v.4 will be a winner.We shall see but i am not holding my breath
Thank you all for your help.
Sorry it didn’t work out

3.8.477 will have no more av updates because they are different for the new version from what I know. But if you are not using the av you should be ok.

That being the case.Bye Bye Comodo

Pity. CIS running fine here! Never have any problems! Running smooth, completely free, and amazingly light. Can’t complain!

remember that W7 is not officially supported at least it works for some people remember that there are tons of other software that will not even install on W7. Also why don’t you try to do a clean install of 3.9.508 on the XP machine. I bet you will like it.

Also remember that when new versions come out they will go through growing pains, every software has that. Even with the tons of beta testing done there still can be problems but there is no other place than comodo where your personal concerns will be address as fast.

ihave tried everying including clean install to no avail.
Unless you are running a computer with an Intel motherboard and Intel software eg IDU you would have no idea what i am talking about

Yep, sorry. Maybe you can try other free firewalls like Outpost or Online Armor?

Maybe this alternative to the IDU would help: HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID

On Line Armor would be my first choice for a firewall.
There are many AntiVirus programs available some of which are really very goog and work perfectly with W7.
I would rather stay with CIS if it can be sorted
Lets hope Egemen reads all this

That looks interesting.