Stable, or good Beta! ?

Hey guy’s…

Where is a link where I can download the latest STABLE version? (Or atleast a version above, where it updates).

Or will I only be able to download BETA’s for the rest of my life?


You can get the latest beta from here:,4067.0.html

It’s quite stable but do read the Bug reports relating to the latest version. I’ve heard that there will be a new stable release either just before or just after Christmas.

Hope that helps.


Cool, thanks…

Will it be posted when the new stable version is released? I guess it will be…

Just be aware, Zizzy, that in order to install the Beta, you will need to uninstall CAVS 1.x before you try to install the newer version.


The beta Beta works fine (it has only 1 minor problem, if you put hips on high). Except that is fantastic. (:LOV)

what is the exact issue you refer to when you put hips high?


Hi Melih,

I have reported it here,4363.0.html

It seems that if one puts hips at the high security level and reboot it frozes the pc. Probably because of one dll that cannot load. The same thing noticed ausbild3r. It must be a bug

But the good thing is that happens only once. ;D

ps. Congrats for this latest beta. The development team did a great job. It is stable and light on resources (:CLP)

Thanks for that.
All the credit goes to the AV team, they have been working very hard to create powerful and stable product that is also light!
I think we are getting there :wink:

Also, they have been busy increasing the detection ratio…

Now its time to play for CAVS :wink:


(:TNG) ok, lI meant lite (:TNG)