Stable Antivirus

What’s on the Comodo web site is version 1.1 beta, where do I get the version 1.0 stable?

The lastest Beta can be found by following this link.,6014.0.html



Comodo Antivirus is not yet out of its beta stage, therefore only beta versions are available for public testing. The site offers version 1.1 however forum members like you have access to the latest beta versions for testing, the latest beta version currently has many bug fixes over 1.1 and also has HIPS.

For more information please visit the CAVS beta corner.


Speaking of a stable antivirus when will this come OUT OF BETA! (:SAD) What kind of timeframe as of right now is it expected to be final?

There is not a set date as of yet, however I would guess in a few weeks.