SSUpdater not to be trusted.

Hey guys. I don’t want this to turn into a flame thread as many members could possibly view this.

I have found the test
To be totally useless, Many of the files are wares files\corrupt or even WIN95 malware. For example, 142 and 499 are keygens.

I posted within that thread telling them my results as i tested a large amount of those files inside of a VM. I was flamed, and then banned. You may read my discussions within that thread as QUOTES as my original posts were deleted.

Don’t trust SSU :-TD

That is terrible man! Not a good way, to treat a person who tries to explain them that the samples are not sufficient to be tested these days with todays anti-malware programs… And of course if the malware samples are indeed that outdated and not as dangerous as the malware we face today, I understand he felt insulted because he gathered the malware and stated that is good to be tested against your security apps…

Still, weird that there couldn’t be an understanding coversation…

Did you by the way, submitted the malware to Comodo ??? even if the malware is outdated, it still needs to be detected by anti-malware programs… that is their job!

I did not personally submit the samples but someone did.
The main problem is by how the samples were chosen etc… being keygens etc… Extractors…/corrupt files. The extractors them selves are not malacious, rather the files inside of them. They should have been tested, not the extractor itself.

Something that I thought was suspecious about SSU (Just a theory) is that even the Win95 malware that is detected according to virustotal was submitted within the last couple of months Sounds a bit odd to me.

Yes I agree… win 95 malware and being submitted the last couple of months sounds indeed odd…

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Nice avatar by the way (:WIN)

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Kyle, sorry to hear that…
Nice avatar BTW! who’s the girl?

Iam sure comodo will pass those test with glance in the future.
Unless the guy handpick them simply to make comodo not pass (haha). :wink:

But I think right now comodo av is still somewhat not complete, and we can only get better and should not feel sad for it. Btw looks like you gotten your self a hottie there Kyle Congratulations ! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I have been with her for 4 months :slight_smile: :-*

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