Anti-Malware test 2009

Congrats to CIS for getting the “Most Improved Award”. Note that only CAV of CIS was tested. And of course as usual Avira is top dog.

The Results:
(Program name, Detection Rate)

  1. Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Premium – 99.43%
  2. a-squared Anti-Malware – 99.37%
  3. G DATA Antivirus – 99.18%
  4. avast! Professional Edition – 98.95%
  5. Kaspersky Antivirus – 98.64%
  6. Norton Antivirus – 98.58%
  7. BitDefender Antivirus – 98.49%
  8. ZoneAlarm Security Suite – 98.36%
  9. F-Secure Antivirus – 98.16%
  10. Nod32 Antivirus – 97.83%
  11. McAfee Antivirus Plus – 97.51%
  12. Comodo Internet Security – 96.93%
  13. AVG Antivirus – 96.65%
  14. Panda Antivirus – 96.22%
  15. Rising Antivirus – 95.78%
  16. Sophos Antivirus – 94.86%
  17. F-Prot Antivirus – 93.47%
  18. Outpost Security Suite – 92.58%
  19. VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware – 92.49%
  20. VirusKeeper – 91.31%
  21. Spy Emergency – 73.62%
  22. Dr.Web – 71.05%
  23. CA Antivirus – 68.84%
  24. BullGuard Internet Security - DNF
  25. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware – DNF

Nice Award ;D
And its going to keep getting more Awards ;D

Dammmm AVG got beat and they have been around for years.

McAfee is going down ;) soon

Also note that they were testing v3.8 and not the newly released v3.9. ;D

Please note these tests were performed with CIS The results should be much better with 3.9 in the next round of tests.

Amazing results…

Can’t wait for CIS to get some real heuristic in place! =)

Avira showing once again (with incredible consistency) that they are the best! Running it free here, knowing I have over 99% detection rates! It’s very very light too!

Good effort also by Comodo! Comodo seem to have peaked at around 94-96% for a few months though. And their false positivity is still a problem. Good luck!

Love Avira but I never understood why it needs to run 4 processes.

Sweet. Good to Comodo’s detection being above 95%. Up for the crown now… :comodojiggy:

Pretty amazing for a new av to be doing so well. Consider this. Norton has been around for 10 years at least. And CIS isn’t too far behind after not even a year. I was using Avira cause it was #1 all the time but I fell pretty protected just with CIS. Sandboxie when I surf the Dark Side.

I wish CIS implements signature compression on v4 :slight_smile:

we are working on the next release to further improve detection and reduce the signature sizes. Just like we did with CIS by increasing functionality and reducing resource usage :slight_smile:

My 12 month promise is yet to be fulfilled. I am running behind on few things due to circumstances beyond my control (like new hardware infrastructure was delayed by about 4 months) but I think we will still have one of the best AV products within 12 months of us launching it…(so time is ticking…tick, tock…)(rushes back to AV labs to continue his work)


■■■■■ that whip Melih… :P0l

That test and I think Melih will agree is not AMTSO certified or compliant. isn’t it what we all need?;msg288851#msg288851


Personally, detection rates are not my main concern. Having low false positivity, running light, and running 100% compatible with other security products (particularly Sandboxie) is much more important.