SSL, Strange Secured DNS and Update Virus Database


I am trying free CIS (v.3.10.102363.531 and v.3.11.108364.552). Both of them could not update virus database now. If I update virus normally, I will be infected virus after that. I have to use secured connection software for preventing virus injected. It’s good if updating virus via SSL connection.

Today, I have to remove CIS and install new one. The comodo secured DNS changed to . The olds are / . Are the new DNSs right?

Thank you!


Khanh Dac Pham

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You can keep comodo’s DNS servers if you want, or you can use your old ones.
To you your old ones…
go to “Network Connections” Select your network and then select properties, Select “TCP\IP” there you can change your DNS address.

Hope this helps.

Thank you! When I changed back to the olds, CIS changed to new DNSs automatically. BTW, virus database could be updated via SSL/ HTTPS connection?