ssl scan??

hello. i have installed comodo internet security premium v. 6.2.285401.2860. if CAV can scan ssl/https, how can i disable that? thanks.

CAV don’t do this.

ok. what about the firewall? can it do this? thanks again.

Anything transmitted via SSL will be decrypted once it reaches your computer. That’s how you can view/access it.

Then, in order for anything to run on your computer it must further be downloaded to your computer. It’s at this stage, just before it runs, that it will be scanned by Comodo Antivirus. Thus, there is no reason to worry about Comodo Antivirus not scanning SSL.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


No. The whole CIS don’t have this option.

guys, thank you all.

chiron, the reason i asked was because i use mozilla firefox for a few days and it says that a game on facebook, that ran well on chrome, it’s untrusted connection. some posts outside comodo say that it’s from the firewall or something. and that’s why i asked. thanks again y’all !

I don’t think that should be caused by Comodo Firewall. However, you can easily find out if it is by temporarily disabling the Firewall component and seeing if the problem persists.

yes, you’re right. i tried it and it’s not from the firewall. thanks !!

Thanks for the update. Did you find out what was causing it?