SSL Renewal & Upgrade to EV

Hi Everyone,

It’s already been a year and time for us to renew our SSL cert.

We decided to renew and upgrade to the EV Cert.

Has anyone renewed and upgraded this way yet?? SInce we’re past clients, does COMODO make it easy and convenient to renew and upgrade? Have you had any issues?

Is there another US phone # that we can call for support?

Thanks for your feedback!



I have removed the phone number you entered, as that is the Toll Free number and is available only to specific customers for support.

Within your SSL account you will have listed the phone numbers available to you for support.

Validation requirements for EV, please see the articles in our knowledgbase:

Has anyone renewed and upgraded this way yet??
Many customers have.


Thanks for the reply. I only ask, because I have been a member for a year but the phone number I posted has been busy since I started trying yesterday morning. I tried for 20 minutes and then all the way until I went to bed and I just tried again and it’s busy. So I was wondering as a customer what other number I could try. Thank you.


Please PM me the number you are ringing and the number you are ringing from.
Please also include the time of the call, and the menu options you are taking so that I can track your call down in the reports.

We are not aware of any issues with the phone routing on any Corporate number.
It is something we monitor all day every day.