SSL on this board

Mainly, when I log in here, I notice it’s SSL secured. Occasionally, it isn’t. I can log back in and remove the URL “s”, thus removing the encryption and edit my post. Like now.
What’s the ■■■■■ boys and girls?

Hi Data

It really depends on how you got here… either following an HTTP or HTTPS URL. The forums can set to either (little white padlock next to Logout button, upper right).


I’m not sure I understood your question, but you want to know why it’s encrypted only sometimes?
It’s because if you login to the HTTPS-version of the forums, your connection will be encrypted, but if you click a link on the forum in a post, that user might use HTTP, thus taking you to the HTTP-version of the forums, and not to the HTTPS (as the link will be http:// and not https://).
The thing before :// in the URL tells your browser what protocol to use (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP…). If you write HTTP, it’ll be non-encrypted. If you write HTTPS, it’ll use the encrypted version (if available, else connection will fail).
(I’m not sure you understood my explanation ;D)


I set http, the lock open, and i logged in. I arrived in secure mode. Is it a default setting, or possibly it toggles? Could it be my headers causing confusion?

Not a major problem, but for the speed drop in SSL and the constant reminders of none secure items.

I’ll try a few experiments. Thanks guys.