I’m getting ssl error , while opening https sites , not all but on most sites i m getting this error.(including twitter , and other legit sites)

Time and Date is OK , so what should i do? on firefox its fine but getting error on comodo.
any solution?

It might be, because of an extension, disable that blue extension, or any extension that is about site connection … and try again!

It looks like phishing! Are you using unknown wifi?

I dont think this error has anything to do with that extension you are refering to.its speed dial extension.
everytime i get error i have to use Firefox.
tried clearing cache,cookies etc… no luck

i m not connected to wifi

Make a new user chrome://settings/createProfile
see if it works!

Hi and welcome SyED5r4,
What operating system are you running?
Does your anti-malware program have real time scanning of SSL/HTTPS etc?

Try disabling ‘malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)’ and see if the issue persists, found under privacy in Dragon’s advanced settings.

Try disabling all 3rd party extensions and see if the issue persists.


Edit: If the above fails, it maybe worth trying a new user profile as ‘bluery’ suggested.

Running Win XP sp2 (maybe its problem ,have not upgraded to sp3)
Created new profile, does not help.
AV Protection: NOD32 + MBAM.
but when its giving error i just simply type “danger” and i can access site.
will it help if i install sp3 (i dont want to).

Hi SyED5r4,
We could assume installing SP3 may help.
Chrome is affected without SP3 and Dragon is also based on Chromium.
Cannot connect to the real Forum

Kind regards.

You will get this SSL error if using CD on Windows XP SP2 for all websites that have switched to SHA-256 encryption security certs ( and being two examples).

SHA-256 certs are not supported on Windows until Service Pack 3. The solution is to install SP3.

XP SP2 users will encounter this problem more and more, as all secure websites will eventually move to SHA-256 certs. (Since the old SHA1 encryption is now deprecated and SHA1 certs will soon stop being renewed or issued entirely.)