Hi, some day ago, i Use only firewall of comodo, the best for me. With Av i use nod32 and yesterday i’ve checked…SSL protocol… when i go in comodo site, it gives to me this message

"Si è verificato un errore durante la connessione a

SLL ha ricevuto un record inatteso di tipo Change Cipher Spec.

(Codice di errore: ssl_error_rx_unexpected_change_cipher)"

if I reclick many times, so all function good, ( the grafic of forum is all white eccc)

the strangething is that usually when i reach a site, the antivirus say me… in a seperate windows of certificate that it find… here, i dont’ receive advise…

How can i resolve? i have XP sp3 use mozilla firefox, latest version, thnak you very much

How often does this happen and on which specific Comodo pages does it happen on?

with home page…usally, and now only when i’m searching to reply to your poster…

ps: when i use Chrome or internet explorer is all ok…so i think that firefox is afflicted by a bug on this case… =((

so now, i hvae deselect FIREFOX to filter protocol and it goes…