SSL Error in Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8

I have recently purchased an SSL certificate for a client from The $49per year certificate. It has been installed and works on most browsers.

However, our client has a large number of Windows XP SP3 machines that are running Internet Explorer 8. The environment cannot easily be updated. When they hit the website, Internet Explorer shows a page not found error. They certificate supports TLS1.0 and they have it enabled in IE8 setting. They do not have either TLS1.1 or TLS1.2 available too them.

Can anyone suggest what the issue could be?

Thank you


Is the site publicly visible?

If so, could you provide a link to it?


I have also just installed 4 Comodo Posstive SSL certificates for my 4 e-commerce shops. I know that this certificates is not supported by Windows XP using IE8, and will never be. But I have seen many other sites using SSL that works fine on Windows XP.

So is there a workaround for this issue?

PositiveSSL works just fine with IE 8 on Windows XP. Since you have a good number of sites, you may want to open a support ticket via so that we may assist you directly.

Thanks for advice i have done that now.

has your issue been resolved?

I have this issue, my website is here:

I bought my certificate through Dreamhost, but it is a comodo certificate. Any help would be appreciated. Dreamhost referred me to MS, but support for XP is ending soon they aren’t going to be any help to me.