SSL Error: Cannot connect to the real

I started using the Comodo browser, but when I try to access sites that support SSL (Like, Google), it does not go to the site, but as soon as the certificate is requested I get an error box telling me that it cannot connect to the real website. Firefox has no problems.
I tried monitoring with wireshark, and from the ‘Server Hello’ to requiring the certificate is all handled by
Sites that don’t support SSL have no problem of course. Also is no problems, as it does not use SSL.
What is going on here?


p.s. This is what comodo gives as technical detail:

The certificate that Dragon received during this connection attempt is not formatted correctly, so Dragon cannot use it to protect your information. Error type: Malformed certificate Subject: Issuer: Bitdefender Personal CA.Net-Defender Public key hashes: sha1/sWgj3Rm1enG4gWMsL2wbddnVDro= sha256/+oHXnDgkXDQgfCk2Zks6hBK4kMqiswR+UPffYtoxCpU= sha1/0/GuqWcQ5iEh31eL+h9vOl3tOeQ= sha256//lUXOQeqknXeQusAzeS9QSRdA1mAb7k33RosRPWqy8E=

Hi and welcome. :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong with the certificate for (or any other Comodo-site, including

Do you use any software from BitDefender, with antiphishing? Then this may be the solution:

Please right click on BitDefender icon from system tray(the "B" icon) and choose "Show". In the main window, click on "Settings". From the advanced interface, click on Privacy Control module and select the Antiphishing tab.

From there please disable Scan SSL, close all the windows and reboot your machine.

Thanks, You’re right it was Bitdefender’s SSL scan that was causing the trouble.
It was already a bit obvious that it was on my side, I just did not know what it was.
Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: