ssl dept customer service

why is your staff so poorly trained?
i am a pretty angry customer.

how many weeks or months does it take for you to re-key a certificate?
your poor service is costing my company money!!!
angry customer

Now I am getting a clearer picture about Melih and his attitude toward customer service. I am a paying customer to Comodo and cannot get a response from customer service or on this forum. I am looking for new SSL and then I’ll let my complaint department handle the reporting all over the web of this shoddy company. :-TD

Hi anschutz,
I can tell that you are getting little hot under the collar (Maybe understandably), but please be aware that the Forum is mostly community based.
Have you submitted a support ticket and if yes, when?

I will contact Melih and see if he can help resolve your issues efficiently.

Kind regards.
Edit: I have contacted Melih, please be patient while awaiting his reply.
Thank you.

Thanks for the reply. I am ■■■■■■ off. Yes, that is true. I made the mistake of purchasing comodo ssl through hostgator. We have made a server move and must re-key a certificate. Now, for almost 2 days and two re-validations, dont know why, comodo repeated itself, comodo and hostgator have been finger-pointing as to whose fault it is our website does not have an ssl.

Open another ticket? Why would I open a new ticket when old ticket is being ignored? I think your company needs to re-tool its customer care manual.

Hi anschutz,
I didn’t ask you to open another ticket, I asked “have you”. :slight_smile:

Please note: I am a volunteer Forum Moderator and not a member of the Comodo Staff.



As with captainsticks I am just a member of the forum.

It would be very useful for the validation team or validation manager to know what your support ticket number is.
Could you post that back here please.



Since you haven’t posted anything back in the last few days, ie support ticket number or any update on the present situation, can we presume your issue is resolved?


hi Anschutz

we are here to help.

we have toll free numbers and email addresses and web live chat that you could use.

we always care for our customers.

Please tell me what your issues are and we will make sure to resolve them asap.

thank you.


Can I please have an order number so I can investigate the issue?

I think this issue must be considered resolved, since no replies from anschutz.