SSL Cert and Domain Alias

We have an ecommerce site with a Comodo Instant SSL Pro cert. The site is setup to be accessed via two different domain names. The main domain is and the second domain, is setup as an alias. We’re using the corner trust logo for visitors to confirm security and authenticity.

If the visitor enters the site using the Trust Logo will provide the credentials when hovered on or clicked. When entering the site using (the alias domain) the corner trust logo is visible but it will not confirm authenticity. Comodo told me I simply needed to purchase a second Corner Trust logo for the domain I did this through the host, who verified the domain and sent me the Trust Logo with confirmation.

I followed the same steps as I did when I installed the original Trust Logo but it still comes back with no credentials available when the site is opened using the alias domain.

Does anyone know what I need to do to make this work? I currently have the site down for maintenance so following the above links will simply take you to a temporary page that will not display the Corner Trust Logo.



Sounds like you need to contact support and ask them to check the database entry for that domain.

Also, if memory serves correctly, you need to have an SSL certificate for the domain for the corner of trust to work…but support will know the present rules on that.

You can submit a ticket at:


Thanks Garry!!