SSL Breach that can decode https

On this website, I have read that https security can be broken in merely 30 seconds.

I want to know, does this apply to all kinds of certificates? are EV Certificates still
to be trusted and provide security?

Thank you.

EV just stands for extended validation.

This type of exploit appears to target any type of SSL certificate.
From reading some of the articles, it appears to be an extension of CRIME.

Very little info is given, that I can see, about what type and quantity of networked computers are required to achieve this type of attack.

Also, 30 seconds appears to be how long it takes, AFTER other steps are taken by the unsuspecting user.

I’m sure all certificate providers, and webserver providers are looking to address this ‘potential’ exploit.

The attack is well and truly documented in detail, although none of it seems available at the website you linked.
The professionals behind this have documented several possible mitigations and defences - none of which involve anything at Comodo’s end.

Being able to exploit this involves a “perfect storm” of otherwise non-issues at your application’s end, and it’s up to you to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The Ruby on Rails framework has included a mitigation by default, protecting all users of that platform, irrespective of their SSL configuration. There’s Wordpress plugin you can include if you use that platform.