SRware Iron interface for COMODO Dragon

All of CD users hate the look of it
It’s really ugly
well , it wasn’t easy but I did it 8)
here is dragon.dll file edited by me depending on srware iron’s iron.dll so that it looks like iron

then I tried a theme from google and here is the result

extract the zip file into c:\program files\comodo\dragon
but don’t forget to keep a copy of the original dragon.dll

download here

I’ve seen worse. I quite like how it looks as it is so not ALL users hate the look. :stuck_out_tongue:

We appreciate that you did this, but since this a DLL and we (the users) can’t see the code behind it (all that easily). We STRONGLY recommend that our users use this DLL at their OWN RISK as it is NOT coming from an Official Source (Comodo).

no problem at all Sal mander
yes it’s not official
and I understand your worry I’ve just uploaded it just in case any one wanted to try it
and after all perfection is not human

Hi All,

I have to echo Sal’s views.

We strongly recommend to our users that they only use files from official sources for security and stability. :slight_smile:



Wow, perfect :slight_smile:

Thanks for giving us the option to change the skin!

thanks zchris

Where is that link? Where to click to download?

sorry, I like CD default skin, and realy dont like your srware iron skin lol

Well , It’s up to you 88)
you have the option to download it or not ;D
you are welcome

If you want to change theme, just go here and chose one: Chrome Web Store

No good
if you did that you will keep the default CD icons
I mean the refresh , home , back , etc icons
which most of us hate
but if you used my dll you can upply the google themes and it will look nice

I just did that and its great! Thanks again

you are welcome

This is my Google pic:

Very nice jovan
I’m still keeping the ice pic