SRP in Admin account.

Hey guys :slight_smile:

So, a while ago I was reading on the web about some people who use the Software Restriction Policy in conjunction with a Limited User Account, which supposedly offered great security. That’s part of my current security setup. More recently, I read about people who use it in an Admin account, with different settings.

See here:

So, since I can’t be bothered to create a Wilders account, does anyone here know anything about setting up SRP effectively in an Admin account? I Use SuRun in my LUA at the moment, but Admin is just so much easier :smiley:

So I’d like to switch back to Admin, but preferably without sacrificing security.

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Hi beanie,

Here is some background info on SRP and DropMyRights stuff

You can find DropMyRights here:

If you only like to protect your email and browser like applications then I’d say DMR is an extra layer of security… If you also are concerned about your “explorer.exe” privilege level then it’s not good enough as far as i read… cause you have to kill it an restart it with the DMR shortcut.

Thanks for the reply mate :slight_smile:

I’ve heard about DMR, is it any different from StripMyRights?



So StripMyRights is based on the idea of DropMyRights, but adds a few new features: The ability to pass command line arguments, the ability to be started from the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options registry key and the abillity to be run as a replacement of the original program.
Seems like it has extra features, but it's not provided by M$ so trust at your own risk ;)

Fair point :slight_smile: thanks for your help, much appreciated.


Good reading Ronny & Beenie,
Looks like Both DropMyRights and StripMyRights Could be very useful programs