Srange update warning

Hi all,

I’ve turned on my pc just 10 minutes ago…and an update pop up appeared telling me that updates were available and asking me if I wanted to proceed. I answered “yes”, but nothing happened. I tried to reboot, without results…I tried with the manual update, and it says to me that CIS is updated (5.0.162636.1135).
So…I’m wondering…what happened?? has anyone faced the same strange behaviour??

thanks :slight_smile:

All the program update does is replace the Trusted Vendors list.

If you have the full list I presume it check then did nothing.


I also had the that popup (well it’s not a pop up, it’s on the bottom icon thingy), but i didn’t click on anything, just pressed the x and it didn’t bother me again. it also didn’t appear in any of the comodo logs and it was in a separate icon (same red with C on it, but another one, overall, 2 commodo icons while this was showing). just making sure that it’s SUPPOSED to happen, and not some hijack or something…?

I checked the update details, A browser window opened on the comodo site, showing details about a new AV+firewall version. I can’t rememer the version number, but the end was “1140” (I’m pretty sure).
Anyway…it doesn’t matter…everything is working very well here, I was only curious about this weird behavior.

Thanks for your reply

when i tried to update, it say " vendor.sha isnt find " ok comodo OK !

Like Luc[y] I get the update error that vendor.sha isn’t found.

I can locate that for you… 88)

Updates seem to be Comodo’s Achilles’ heel… 88)

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Yes, me too! ???

Exactly the same thing for me…

ther update was working and TVL was changed :

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Yours looks better than mine.

Seriously, is this useful? ???

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My update also worked like a charm. ;D

And me too! ???

I don’t know, this is something the Chinese or Japanese, does not apply to me.

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Good work comodo team

These new additions:

This was just an update to fix the trusted vendor list.

Am I correct in saying that the new list has been appended to the old list prior to any USER entries? Thus creating duplication of most entries.
This has happened on both my Vista SP2 32 Bit and XP Pro SP3 32 Bit systems.
Can any body confirm as surely this is an error?



I notice there are some duplicated names. Same company with multiple signatures?

By the way, CIS updated twice in a day to have the latest TVL in my PC:(

There is a bug in merging trusted vendor list and can cause duplicates. Please nevermind duplicates as it does not affect functionality. It has been fixed in CIS V5.1


Good catch. The list does appear to repeat. :o

These are Chinese vendors names, so font issue related to your system.
If you can view Chinese characters in general, you will be able to see these as well.

I have enclosed example where these are visible clearly.


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