SquidNT 2.7 is crashed when CIS 4.0 installed.

SquidNT 2.7 (SquidNT) always crashed without any logs/error record on startup after installing CIS 4.0.
And SquidNT works ok after CIS 4.0 was uninstalled.

Addition note:
Defence+ on CIS 4.0 is turned off.
SquidNT exe binary is added as trusted application in firewall settings.

Bump; SquidNT will most positively NOT work with CIS 4.0. I’ve tried adding it as a trusted application under the Firewall and the Defense+. I’ve tried disabling Defense+ and Firewall. I’ve tried rebooting after doing each one of the above. Squid doesn’t even seem to start anymore and CIS doesn’t throw any popups or messages about it. I did (thankfully) get ShoutCast to work by flipping the default ‘Stealth Port / Block Everything’ to ask for inbound access switch.


Please try to see if this fix works here.

Sorry will not be able to reply after today for a week, but others will try to help.

Best wishes


Did the fix work?

Best wishes