SQPlus.dll (by InterVideo) detected containing malware


I have CFP (latest version) scanning my computer for malware and it found sqplus.dll of Intervideo WinDVD containing some kind of malware as below

Anti.!Themida.InterVideo.WinDVD.001(ID = 0x2eadf) C:\Program Files\InterVideo\Common\Bin\SQPlus.dll
Anti.!Themida.InterVideo.WinDVD.001(ID = 0x2eadf) C:\Program Files\InterVideo\DVD8\SQPlus.dll

The WinDVD comes as a pack with my Laptop. I did a research around and find that it happened to a few other people too, though they don’t use CFP. And once they delete the file, WinDvD does not work anymore.

I also uploaded the file to several virus scanning sites (VirusTotal, Virus.org, Jotti,…), only Panda Virus scan finds it as a ‘suspicious file’, and WebWasher-Gateway finds it as “Win32.Malware.gen”

I put the file in a .rar file here so that someone can check it. Meanwhile, I’ll just let it be.

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Hello ! Anyone ?

Sounds like false positives. Comodo malware scanner is still new. Use a well known scanner. What AV are you using? Scan using SuperAntiSpyware. Those files are probably safe. Check them with another program.