Spywar's Malware Samples & Valkyrie

Latest Pack on MT - 11 (Posted 1 Apr 2013)
Comodo Valkyrie - 11/11 (Tested 2 Apr 2013)

Latest Pack on MT - 79 (Posted 31 Mar 2013)
Comodo Valkyrie - 77/79 (Tested 31 Mar 2013)

2 Detected as Normal

VT Scan of 2

Latest pack on MT - 20 (Posted 25 Mar 2013)
Comodo Valkyrie - 20/20 (Tested 26 Mar 2013)

What exactly is Comodo Valkyrie? I’ve seen references to it on this forum, quite a lot actually. But so far I have not seen anyone describe what it is… So yeah, what is it? ???

Comodo Valkyrie is amazing! I love it! Thanks for the info. ;D :-TU

“It is a cloud based file analysis system that tests user-submitted files with a range of static and dynamic detectors - including heuristics, file look-up and real-time behavior analysis. By using FVS, our users quickly gain a verdict on the safety of an unknown file and can help accelerate the identification of zero-day malware.”

^ Can’t say better myself (http://valkyrie.comodo.com/About.html)

How does this stand against the cloud service within CIS? Or is it the same?
Or was that perhaps a stupid question? ^-^‘’

Good Q. It is much more sophisticated. It breaks the file into 3 category: safe, unknown and malicious. Also they can analyze the file even further but you need to give them 24 hours.

Comodo wanted to integrate Valkyrie into the Comodo cloud service but from what I know they didn’t done this yet. We still waiting…

Alright, thanks for the info. =) (bookmarked)

I said sophisticated :slight_smile: Erm yeah in what way? :slight_smile: I do that :slight_smile: So yeah basically it provides much more detailed information about the file itself. It test the file against a variety of tools (static and dynamic detectors - including heuristics, file look-up and real-time behavior analysis) to give you the best possible result using AI engines if I’m correct. However the information about the file during diagnostic analysis might seem a bit advanced for many users to understand. But it still gives you an overall opinion and it can provide you with the fast and often very accurate results for the zero-day.

^If anyone want to correct me or add more info please feel free.

Valkyrie has its own section here on the forum, im surprised you havent seen it before


Spywar’s malware samples are fresh & good ones. On VirusTotal few detect those samples. So I will try to test the malware samples with Valkyrie & post the results here.

Interested on this test results, well done Naren.

New test added on first post.

When will this be added to the comodo cloud.?
Interesting name for a file verdict system.Im suddenly getting a urge to listen to richard wagner.
Nice work comodo. ;D ;D :-TU

BTW naren what was wrong with the sticky i already create for valkyrie test results?

Thanks for the test naren… Amazing results… Valkyrie is very powerful… Add that power to CIS… OMG… :-TU

Here I am only testing Spywar’s malware samples uploaded on malwaretips. He is testing Avast’s new Evo-Gen & FileRep technology. Spywar has mentioned as these technology are new it will take little time to be effective against old malware but are effective against new & unknown malware. So to test these new technology he is getting fresh & unknown malware. Thats why I created a new thread as I will be testing only Spwar’s malware samples with Valkyrie & add the results in the first post along with Normal & Unknown detection by Valkyrie & VT scan results for samples detected as Normal & Unknown by Valkyrie. And I also post Valkyrie results on MT.

New test added on first post.

Great :-TU Keep them coming.

+1 to that… :-TU

I have stopped testing Valkyrie as nowadays its always down i.e one or the other module is always down.