Spywareterminator [RESOLVED]

Hello everybody.

I’m using spywareterminator as an active antispywareprogram. But in the long time I’ve been using it, it never really found spyware with its real-time protection.
Now I’m using CFP 3 (thanks a lot for that, it is really good) with D+. Is the real-time shield from ST still usefull for me or not?? The HIPS of it is not as good as the D+ in CFP and it uses a lot of my precious system resources :cry:

Is it wise to disable the shield of ST completely or should I change the settings of it? And if I disable the shield, is the program is still of any use, because the detection rates are not very high I think.

Thanks in advance for your replies, and apoligies for my bad English.


Hello Sjigy and Welcome to the forums :smiley:

Well basically if your using CPF and D+ then your anti virus\spy ware is just the backup.
There is no point in running SpywareTerminator’s HIPS as D+ does the same thing and does a better job of it.

I’d like to point you towards these threads

List of Free Antivirus/AntiMalware products

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And on a personal note, AVIRA is offering a limited time promotional offer for their AVIRA Premium.

Thanks for your (very quick) response. The links were really helpfull. I think I start useing superantispyware. It has good reviews, and it’s free. :BNC

Glad I have been of some help :slight_smile: I’ll also mention that Comodo is developing an Antivirus(with antispyware included)
and they expect it to be released by late June, the release date is not set in stone yet and is flexible.

Spyware Terminator as become bloated junk. Stick with SAS or MBAM.

I second that both SAS and MBAM are good products. :■■■■

Thank you so much for your answers, and advice on new antispyware programs.
I tried both SAS and MBAM and they’re indeed good.
After removing ST I immediatly noticed that my system could relax a bit more.


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