spywareterminator 2.0

Anyone know if the problems with this have been sorted? Stuart

I don’t really know what you’re talking about but I guess your saying if they work together the products of Comodo and ST.

To answer : CFP, no problem
CoB, no problem
CAVS, donno but I think they do

Hope this was the answer you were expecting


Confirmed :slight_smile:

Lots of FP’s look at the ST forums you’ll see what i mean! Stuart

So … what’s the problem actually?

As isaid have a look at ST forum some saying it’s fine others complaining about clam av, realtime,FPs and other little items.

I understand that there are problems with the integrated Clam AV but you can install Spywareterminator without it if you want to, then install a separated antivirus (like Comodo, antivir, avast, avg, …)

Yeah iuse the previous release without clam av just wandering if its time to go for ST 2.0 Stuart

I could advise you to do that indeed, the ‘new’ version has enhanced scanning and is lighter on resources etc. so you can better upgrade to the new one (without Clam AV) not that it’s bad but it’s certainly not good.

I’ll give it a try. stuart

thats old problems… its not version 1,8 anymore…

On the whole, it’s a pretty stable release, although I do think it needed another few weeks in beta…

Bugs I know of

There is a problem with the scheduler, it seems to only affect “weekly scans”, but the scheduled date jumps ahead to the next week, before it has run the scheduled scan. result- scheduled weekly scans aren’t run. Daily scans work properly. Devs are working on scheduler, so should be sorted soon.

Clam plugin - it doesn’t always start with windows. I wouldn’t rely on the clam plugin as a primary AV til that’s been fixed. The devs are apparently redesigning the clam plugin from scratch, so hopefully that’ll be fixed soon.

The FP’s have been pretty much ironed out now… ST got a whole heap of extra defs from spyware-signatures.com, and integrating them into ST did cause some FP’s but most have been rectified.

They have also added a built in “whitelist” for the HIPS, so you wont be warned about M$ processes etc, unfortunately that reflects itself in the scan reports (see below) so (for instance) you wont see any reference to explorer.exe or svchost.exe in the running processes part.
The report also misses some strange items such as itunes.exe in running processes portion of the scan report too, which they are aware of. It also misses some toolbar / BHO / startup entries, which again, they are aware of, and presumably working on.

New Stuff ( :BNC )

Immunization (like spyware blaster)
New interface - much easier to find your way around
Scan report viewer - you can view scan reports from with ST (duh)
New scan report format. - items are now listed in HJT fashion, ie startups are labelled O4 Startup etc. Much easier to read.

It can also scan your cookies and favourites for “bad sites”, but only if you have Ctoolbar + WSG installed also.