I was wondering if anyone knows about this site? The other day I was looking for the article on the moth with the picture of Jesus on it and clicked on a site that had the install xp anti virus 2008. I didn’t install anything so I looked for sites that are known for trying to get you to install the xp antivirus 2008 software and found this article http://www .spywareremove.com/security/antivirus-xp-2008-sites-appear-on-google-sponsored-links/. According to Mcafee site adviser this is a bad site. There were people posting on this site that have been hit with the xp virus and tried to recommend the posters to superantispyware or malwarebytes. My comments were awaiting for moderation, then I checked and they were never posted. Can anyone enlighten me on this site?

Moderator Note: Take Caution, Link Could Lead To Infection.

Clickable link removed for obvious reasons.

xp antivirus is a rouge program, Do not download it.

I know xp antivirus is a rogue program, but is the spywareremove site legit? I tried posting a comment on the site indicating that SAS or MBAS would get rid of the rogue program but my comment awaited moderation then was never posted. Is this site just trying promote their product and take my comments off because I tried to tell users to use different software?

I’ve never heard of spywaremove.com and I would not trust it!

Their site looks suspicious… You are probably right

I have never heard of it either.

Can anyone else clarify?


As it refers to spyhunter I think it’s legid. So yes, it’s safe :wink:


I just eyeballed the sypwareremove.com web site. Something strikes me as being ‘off’. Too vanilla, next to no corporate data or contact info, way too centered on just one or two known scam product malware. Unless information to the contrary, I’d consider this to be a ‘disinformation’ site.

This Website could lead to infection…

Please take caution…


I’ve been looking around in the site, and I can’t find anything that looks on Rogue/malware. For me, this is a safe/legit site that is giving the removal ways of the most commun trojans and ads Spyhunter


WOT also reports the site as bad