SpywareGuard compatability?

I noticed here that SpywareGuard has caused problems with CAVS. Is it fixed yet/going to be fixed? I havent installed CAVS yet, but I do have SpywareGuard.

Are there any other basic apps to prompt me for BHOs/homepage changes etc? I have SpywareBlaster, IE-Spyads, MVPS hosts file aswell (as prevention) and dont want anything like windows defender or winpatrol to slow me down.



I believe there is still this issue. If you want to try CAVS why not use Spybot Search & Destroy which can prevent changes to the homepage, registry etc.

Also, soon CAVS will have its own anti-spyware features :wink:

Remember CAVS is still beta.



As a past SpywareGuard user (uninstalled to install CAV), my perspective is that the problem is with the fact that SpywareGuard does it’s job with no user interaction. It is doing/blocking things that it thinks are right; quite opposite of how Windows Defender does things… giving the user the opportunity to allow/block.

In my (low inner working knowledge) opinion, I see things as SpywareGuard needs to make itself less uber/silent, increasing it’s friendliness/flexibility/compatibility.

… And maybe I am wrong, but that’s my thought on the subject to date. :wink:

FYI… I still use the companies SpywareBlaster however.

Cheers for the replies.

SpywareGuard alerts for BHOs and Homepage changes. I think its the Real time protection that causes problems as the help doesnt mention alerts for this. That can be turned off and may well fix the problem. I like SG as its light and the BHO/Homepage alerts is all I need.

Will CAVS, alert for BHO / Homepage changes.?
Or rootkits / registry changes?

I beleive the short answer is no, not in CAV. But I do beleive those are things that are on the horizon in upcoming projects… BB (Behaviour Blocker) and HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention) come to mind as upcoming projects… not 100%, but BB might provide some of what you’re asking.

Also carrying on from what m0ng0d said, CAVS as well as CPF are going to get new features similar to these to help prevent (rather than just detect) spyware and many other threats.


All that stuff is going to be taken care of by BB.
we will launch it within next few months… :slight_smile:


Oh ho ho… X-mas comes a little early this year!!!

COOL Anything else on the horizon? Will it do my ironing and washing too? :smiley: (J)

Looking forward to BB and using Comodo only, for all my security ;).



Same here, I’m hooked



You could always go to the wishlist in the CAVS forum and make a post. Perhaps they might consider integrating those tasks some time soon. ;D

Ryan, I think the situation might get worse (or in Melih’s perspective better) with the release of newer versions. Perhaps someday we might need to see a Psychologist to alleviate the problem of our addiction. ;D Hehe…

Yours truly,

washing yes…
ironing… still working on it :slight_smile: