Spywaredoctor 6

The new spywaredoctor 6 is out, you can get it here


Thanks but no thanks. I dont trust anything made by PC Tools. Slows your pc to a crawl.

Vett - you should say - I don’t like anything made by Pc Tools, because they slow the PC down, but you can sure trust Spyware Doctor :slight_smile:

I couldn’t say better. Not to mention their policies.

In a recent test that I made it crashed the system. But it only crashed after I rebooted the machine. Before I rebooted the machine I performed a test with Spyware Doctor and as always it found something that others seemed to have missed. It also mentioned that BitDefender and Ewido also know the threat but with different names. I then performed the test with those two. Guess what? No infection found. Also checked with additional tools such as ad-aware 2008 pro, spybot, superantispyware, anti-virus (a few) and nothing was found either. Curious, no? Of course, if considering there was a real infection, you would then need to buy the product in order to kill the threat. :THNK

As I said in another thread about PC Tools, if I was going to buy an anti-spyware product I would go for Sunbelt CounterSpy.

I don’t know if this is the case, but I always get suspicious when these kinds of programs can find something that NO other program can. I understand that not every program will catch the same things, but normally if one can find it, there ought to be others that can also. This is even more disconserting when, like you mentioned, you have to pay, or pay extra, to get rid of that undetectable malware.

Has anyone tried SD 6 and can provide some feedback?


Only evoluation I can see is that it shutsdown and reboot itself faster 88)

Also they added heuristic scanning


But it’s still good as on-demand scanner if you need to clean some infested comp. Install a trial, scan, dump it ;D

I’ve been using PCTools Spyware Doctor from V5.0 through V6 with InelliGuard enabled along with ThreatFire, CFP +D V3, BoClean, and Avira Antivir Prem with guard turned on. and have no problems with these products co-existing. I donot have any computer slow-down what so ever and i’m very pleased with the results. NO VIRUSES, NO THREATS ON SPYWARE, NO PROBLEMS!!! I’m running Windows XP Media Center, went from SP2 to SP3 when it was release and had no problems with either one…
So, whats the problem with PCTools???

OMG !!! :o IMO it’s an enourmous overkill ! ;D

I agree with Commodus. Overkill. Why so parinoid? They is no way your pc boots up and runs fast with all that security. I have always used a firewall and av combo and never infected in over 5 years. Right now I use Comodo and NOD32. I Sandbox when I go to the dark side. I scan once a week with SAS and MBAM on demand. Still no infections. Spyware Doctor is overrated to me.

It takes 73 sec. to boot up my machine from the time I push the power button, that includes all 61 running applications loaded and active. There is no slowdown what so ever when surfing the web or when running any application. As far as overkill goes I would rather have the overkill then to have a virus make it’s way in and have to re-install or recover an operating system. Believe me if my system was slow or crawling in any way I would cut back on some of the security I have running. I have a intel Pentium D processor and 2gig of memory. With everything loaded I have 1.5Gig of memory available. I’m also a stickler when it comes to maintaining my system. I run CCleaner, Advanced Window Care for cleaning and tweeking, Regseeker to clean my registery, and Auslogics Disk Defrag and Reg Defrag. :■■■■ :■■■■

61 processes ? :o On XP ? :o

You really, really don’t need to run Spyware Doctor in real time, and if you have D+ enabled in CFP3, ThreatFire is just a burden.
And 73 seconds on XP is quite long. I’m sure you can do in 50 sec :wink:

I don’t understand the “?” reguarding “61 processes” and “On XP” … I will take your advise and turn off the real time protection for Spyware Doctor and shutdown ThreatFire. But whats up with the questioning of the processes and XP? Can you give me some more info… :THNK

I have Vista, and I have 24 processes running. ON Vista !

I only have 30 processes running. Overlapping security can actually make you more prone to infections. All you need is a good av and firewall. If you surf dangerously then Sandbox your browser which is safer then any av actually. It is not that easy to get infected. I surf everything and I mean every thing and still never got infected or do I get warnings.

Listen: my xp machine takes more than 3 minutes to boot up… I have on that machine around 60 processes running… but after the boot up it is running very fast! so I do not mind…

My vista machine loads very fast! between 1-2 minutes but not more… My vista machine runs about 80 processes… and it runs very fast! So I am very happy with that too!

anyways I downloaded spyware doctor 6.0 and uninstalled spyware doctor 5.0, but I have not installed spyware doctor 6.0 yet… I am afraid it will ■■■■■ up my vista machine…

yep I know I am weird…but who is surprised to know Darth Vader is weird ???

3 minutes ? :o I could get some sleep, make a coffee, read a book and undress a pretty model at that time ;D

Clean out your prefetch defrag your boot files and your pc will boot up alot quicker.

what is cleaning prefetch what data is being prefetched, all I have prefetched are the dns data which is making surfing with ie a lot faster!