Spyware Terminator

Hi, I am having trouble with Spyware terminator and want to get rid of it.

I also have the newest version of Comodo, with this new version do I automatically have
the BOClean and is that all I need to prevent spyware & malware?

CIS has BOClean in it indeed, and for peace of mind, I would also install one or two other on demand (not real time) anti-spyware/malware programs, two that come to mind would be www.superantispyware.com and www.malwarebytes.org. Just my input for you :wink:

Thanks, I already have Malwarebytes, so I guess that with BOClean, thats all I need right?

BTW, is BOClean Real TIme, I know Malwarebytes is NOT unless you pay for it?


Also another good practice is to always quarantine and research what is caught flagged, never delete without thought. As FP’s can be produced and can have a nasty impact if you delete something you should not.

Just a thought, don’t get me wrong there are many on here who can give you a more in-depth approach on this, but this is coming from a mid-level point of view.

Ok, Thanks Guys