Spyware Terminator 2.5

I just read the release notes of ST 2.5 beta. It seems to implement the same features of defence+ like ‘installation mode’, ‘basic mode’ etc. Any comments? (Of course not about the qualify of software but the method adopted).

i think the previous version already has “installation mode”. what “basic mode” means?

We’re releasing Spyware Terminator 2.5 for beta testing. This new version includes 5 Real-Time Protection modes with a choice of protection levels, depending on your computer experience, and prevents accidental blocking of wanted applications.

Basic Mode
Automatically denies all actions monitored by Real-Time Protection except for HIPS alerts and safe database items.
We’re working on extending the safe software database to be able to detect installers of the most popular applications. Most installers will be automatically detected but we still strongly recommend switching to Install Mode when you’re knowingly installing software to prevent corruption of the installation.
All actions will be moved to the Review List giving you the opportunity to move an accidentally blocked item to White List when a newly installed application does not work properly.

Advanced Mode
Asks for all unknown actions. Safe actions are automatically allowed, and threats denied.

Custom Mode
Lets you customize Real-Time Shield behavior for safe, unknown and threat items. You can enable this option in the Real-Time Shield tab, by selecting the “Enable Custom Real-Time Shield Settings” checkbox.

Install Mode
Temporarily allows installation of unknown items while you’re working in Basic mode. To enable the Install Mode, just click on the “Switch to Install Mode” link. When the installation is finished, you can switch back to Normal Mode by clicking on the “Switch to Normal Mode” link.

Allow Mode
When enabled, automatically allows all actions. We recommend you to switch to this mode if you experience any installation problems within the Install Mode. To switch to the Allow Mode, right-click the Spyware Terminator tray icon, click on the “Adjust Real-Time Shield Mode” and then select the “Allow Mode” option.

This is from the forum. Hopefully not copyrighted.

I believe, Even with the beta, We still have beta HIPS (Defense+) & Better Anti-Spyware/Malware Products such as SUPERAntispyware.


I’m using Spyware Terminator for a while, so I decided to test this beta version. I didn’t discovered any changes in main window except some settings, but the realtime shield changed rapidly. Alerts looks much more better than in previous version. There are basic and advanced mode, where advanced is for more educated users in spyware world and it’s transparent and easy to use. I didn’t try a basic mode for longer time. It seems little bit useless for me. Did you try it anybody, so that I can recommend it to more not so skillful people?

Anybody have anything good to say about this?


i do :slight_smile: errr this is not specifically for 2.5 version.
for those who look for free realtime standalone spyware protection, then spyware terminator is for you. :-TU
afaik the other free AS offer on demand protection only.

I figured out that ST 2.5 Beta denies access for some actions in Basic mode, but I find a recomendation to activate install mode during installation. It looks like a good protection for basic users inspite of being little bit annoying.

ST is a bit high on resources. I noticed my work pc was slower with it. Maybe it’s the way way realtime is working ? I dunno.

i will try, last time i hade spyware terminator 2,5 it just gave way to many pop-ups. realy was annoying

Did anybody notice that the definition of ‘installation mode’ very much matches with Comodo’s ‘Defence+’ - installation mode?

Well as the saying goes “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” ;D

ehm, ST already use installation mode long before CFP 3 even exist (:TNG)

That’s why you have 3xist.


yeah yeah 88)

does it still has Clam AV integration with it? the older version i used needs the HIPS enabled if you want to use clam AV as realtime protection.

Yeah it still has the Clam AV option.