Spyware Terminator 2.0

If you use Spyware Terminator 2.0, I recommend reading PC Magazine’s Neil Rubenking’s review. In Short:

“Spyware Terminator looks tough and talks tough, but when it comes to protecting your system against malicious software and phishing, it’s a wimp. It’s free, so you might use its scanning tool as a second opinion alongside a more effective antispyware tool. I’d much rather pay for security done right than settle for mediocre security for free. It only takes one system-destroying infestation to ruin your whole day.”


There is money to be made advertising software. There also seem to be many derogatory comments on various websites about free security software.

I have never used ST but I know many people who love it and swear by its abilities:




Have the problems of this version been sorted? As i said in another posting “know it alls” who needs them? My security software constantly gets rubbished with the “you don’t need all that” statement to boot! stuart

I use ST, CBOClean and AVAST! Home.
I use too free versions of Paid products, no real time protection(AVG ST free and SUPERAntispyware) I scan my sistem with those last products and never foun anytihng.
ST is a good free AS with real-tme protection.
Of course, you need COMMON SENSE.

I use ST and I haven’t heard of a better free alternative --please tell me if there’s one. Granted that you’ll be better protected if you pay. But I never got infected and I feel my protection is more than enough unless I get really unlucky. Also ST features HIPS which adds nicely to one’s safety until CFP v3 comes out of beta.

EDIT: By the way I also use BOClean (check my avatar) and when I said alternative to ST I meant programs with a similar, traditional approach, like Windows Defender. BOClean has a unique approach and uneducateldy I suppose that it and a traditional antispyware resident program like ST can be natural companions. But I have no actual reason to think that, although many people at the ST forums like to use both too, perhaps I’m being redundant. At least when CFP includes HIPS, ST might be the first security program I could discard, but then I needn’t --I’ve got RAM to spare and they day I don’t I’d better buy more.

A new version of Spyware Terminator :slight_smile:

Looking good. Although I don’t use it any longer. I wonder how’s its HIPS now, when I stopped using ST it was far less powerful and far more intrusive than D+. Though ST was one of the few programs to go for HIPreventionS like Comodo.

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