Spyware Terminator 2.0 Beta

Pssst, Spyware Terminator 2.0 Beta is out :slight_smile: ( Thnx to Relemar for the info )

Just telling you that 2.0 beta of Spyware Terminator is now currently out, with alot of new features all extremely good. Thanks to rajeshontheweb of SWT Forums for this update.


(*) improvement
(+) added feature

()Improved interface of the program
)Improved layout of the scan tab
()Updated ClamAV to (ClamWin latest)
)Improved scanning - scans with Spyware Terminator should be faster, more efficient and more accurate.
()Improved scan layout - you will now be able to see what Spyware Terminator is doing while it scans.
)Improved layout of the post-scan options
()Improved Scan Reports - new font formatting makes reading scan reports easier.
)Improved Threat management - you can now select individual items for removal, including individual cookies.
()Improved Updates tab - we have added the “Refresh” button which solves many past issues and lets users do manual updates.
)Improved HIPS/ClamAV - you now do not need to do a full spyware scan to enable HIPS or ClamAV. When you enable HIPS, your system tray menu will say “Building Database”
()Improved proxy support - we have fixed issues with the proxy area.
)Redesigned Help Tab - we have renamed this tab “Help & Support” and have redesigned it to accomodate our more inexperienced users.
(*)Fixed many bugs - we have fixed many bugs that our users have been posting on our forums and ones that our internal testers have found.

(+)New System Summary tab- displays scan history info, update info, realtime protection info in an informative layout.
(+)HIPS Safe Database - radically improves the amount of time needed to initialize HIPS.
(+)More Custom scan options
(+)Custom scan profiles - you can store up to 5 custom scan profiles
(+)Scan Report History tab - Spyware Terminator can now store scan reports, configured in the settings
(+)Internet Protection tab - houses three new features: Cookies Scan, Favorites Scan, Immunize
(+)Cookies Scan - this will scan for bad cookies based on our WSG database (requires WSG)
(+)Favorites Scan - this will scan for bad favorites based on our WSG database (requires WSG)
(+)Immunize - this will inoculate your system from the execution of malicious code and content. Updates to this feature are included with Spyware Terminator updates.
(+)Offline Help - we now have a full offline help (CHM file) available for download through our program. Also we will offer updates to this help file when they become available.

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You can find a download link here :


Greetz, Red.

When I was to Paris last week Spyware Terminator 2.0 Beta was officialy launched :


Greetz, Red.