Spyware? [Resolved]

I heard something about Comodo Anti-virus protecting against spyware too. Is this true? I have anti-spyware tools, because I didn’t think that it protected me against it. ???


Spyware is also Beta, and would have been pulled down as part of the CAV auto-updates.

It will of course get better in time. :wink:


Hi and welcome,

It will be a few months before all spyware definitions are added to the database, so it is a good idea to keep your existing spyware protection.


Yes I have a policy that I never trust 1 companies software for full protection no matter how good the product, for instance I use CPF and CAVS but I use different antispyware products such as Ewido (FREE) and Spyware Doctor (free for me but otherwise $29.99 USD)

Well, Trend Micro’s Anti Spyware software saved my (Windows installation’s)life 6 times, also their the one who made the CWSShredder, and all those small tools to remove unremovable spyware, ad-ware, malware and etc. Just their free online scanner and removal tool is t3h 0wnag3!!!11111oneoneoneelevenelevenelevenoneoneon11111!!!

I also, use Ewido with Windows Defender (resident) and AdAware, but when CAVS comes out of beta and has all definitions (and all the cool new antispyware features) I will probably uninstall one or more of them.