Spyware.Pws.A Anybody know how to get rid of it?

Can you give a little more information? ???
What gave you an indication you have this and where does it say it’s located?


Like ~cat~ said, what file/folder was infected with the PWS?
What anti-spyware software identified the spyware? Did you try to delete it with that software?
If yes, download HijackThis, run a scan and post the log here.


Thanks ~cat~,Ragwing located in my docs. and settings . Can"t trace any further than that.Found with bit defender 10,I use it as a backup to cavs and bioclean.It will remove but comes back later.I will eventually find and destroy,I always do when some piece of junk like this invades my sys. .Comodo rocks ,but she missed this one.
I am really new to posting. Been tinkering and building my own systems for 15 years,so even saying that a really stupid question,how does one make the little yellow dudes attach to messages?
Thanks for helping