Spyware Dr smart update problem

I use Comodo with SD on one PC. The smart update in conjunction with Comodo’s Defence + is driving me mad. As each update appears to be a new executable (or usually more that one) I get a lot of warning (and blocked installs) every day unless I switch to training mode or disable it. How can I get round this updating problem as the file names change with each update?

Set the new executable to Installation mode when updating. That should help to reduce the number of pop ups.

Thanks, for reply. The problem is each day it appears to be a different update file so each day it has the new pop ups. The old version of SD didn’t have this problem only the new one. I have tried changing to training mode to try to get D+ to accept the updates but off it goes the next time. I also have switched to installation but am having to do it each day nothing else on daily updates needs this including as said the old SD