Spyware Dr not running from taskbar[RESOLVED]

OK I did a clean uninstall of Comodo, removoing folder and running CCleaner before installing the update. Disabled Avast and turned off Spyware Dr. Now Spyware Dr’s icon is on the task bar, you can run scans from it but you can’t open it from the task bar icon, only the one on the desk top.
I accepted every option on the pop ups that came up on rebooting following installing the new Comodo. I have been through running processes and ensured al Spyware Dr ones are listed with custom policy, that all the programs looking likely in its folder have been added as well, defence +and the firewall have been disabled but still it will not open from the task bar!

Any ideas what I have done wrong?

Somthing I have done since posting, I ave no idea what, has started it working again!

When you exit spyware doctor, it closes all of it’s services and shuts down completly. It is possible that spyware doctor did not start it’s services correctly. Try exiting spyware doctor (task tray → exit) and completly shutdown spyware doctor, then re enable. If that does not work, but comodo Defense+ into training (tray icon → Defense+ → training) then shutdown spyware doctor, and re enable.