Spyware Cease - Malware or genuine virusscan program?

Yeah, so. I thought i take a look around the interwebs again and cane across this program called Spyware Cease. Was a bit suspicious but at same time curious. So i decided that i download it. BUT, vefore i did so, i searched the internet more. Came across few rewievs which looked realistic, and said that the program did find malware from their test comp (which was infected, durr).

But, now that i installed it (Don’t worry, i CAN remove it, all fodlers and files associated with it and registry entries), Ad-aware said that it found a suspicious file and removed it. And boom, Spyware Cease stops working.

Anyone have any idea if this is a real program or not?

Found it on download.com

Should be fine.

Hmm. Wonder why Ad-aware detected it as a malicious program then.

check here if you’re worried:


it’s indeed there :wink:


now the thing is it’s only adaware (lavasoft) reporting it as rogue in their list, and detecting it as potential malware on your system, while others across the web seem to agree it’s legit, so, more investigation needed I suppose.

Don’t use it, besides theres plenty of other stuff online you can use, but just not this one :slight_smile:

need ideas go here

First time I’ve seen it’s interface something tell me It’s not safe to use it.

However it maybe safe and usable.

THIS Is Indicative of the dreaded pc security however legit it looks and some systems seem to not be affected and others will lock up and not allow anything to be processed resulting in lengthy service calls for this virus its better to not download it and install it and risk compromising you internet security most software is free for a reason Comodo Being one of the Exceptions to this Rule 0 Virus’es in 6 months and as well any that have tried were stopped at the door and if you couple CIS With CSC Comodo System Clean you do not have to worry about any other internet security programs i know

Ahh there have been so many spectulations of this prgram but no one has tested it -.-
I’ll have a go of it now.

Looks like a rogue…
I downloaded and installed, I clicked one of the few buttons available “online scan”, I blocked all internet access to the program, however it’s “online scan” still performed… Odd, Eh? It tries to load a hidden driver, Aswell as tries to access multiple windows processes in memory. I only played around with it for 5 minutes… So take my info for what it is.