spyware blaster & spyware guard

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has anybody tried these free antispywares?


how these two compared to superantispyware and spyware terminator? (and how are they compared each other, these two are alike). the download file of these two seem very small, do they really effective?


Spywareblaster I’ve used in the past but no longer use it, it is good for prevention, nothing wrong with the program itself, I just didn’t like how updates were released once every two weeks…

Spyware Guard, when I used it back in 2005 the last time it had been updated was in January 2004, which showed me that maybe development was stopping on that program, so I stopped using it.

Those were my experiences and with my current setup I do not need those programs, so I cannot tell you how they are today, and if they are any better then what they were when I used them.

For Windows I use Spyware Terminator, it’s updated almost every day, and has great realtime protection, and not only does it preven, but it also scans and removes infection as well, where as the tools you listed do not.

I don’t use Superantispyware so I can’t really compare these products to it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


i’ve seen the the website, it says: spywareguard is under development, so if you’re not sure,pls try spyware blaster. any difference between those two? 1 developer, 2 similar products.

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I agree with Justin here. Also, I’d like to add: My approach is, more and more, to use the white list method. Thus, I try to block everything, and just allow what I trust. This means, I’m using Firefox with NoScript and a cookie manager. So everything’s blocked - not only the black list that SB provides…


firefox with no script? where can i get the option? by uncheck the “enable javascript”? i agree with your “white list” approach, for a novice like me, i really don’t know what are running on my computer, it’s great having a whitelist instead of blacklisting. but sometimes (only sometimes), i love to see a pop up window saying ===> virus/trojan detected.removal succeded. it makes me fell WWOOHOOOO :BNC.
(i’ll post a topic about this, too many default start up apps on my laptop comp but i’m afraid to do anything with them,what can i do, it’s “default” factory setting).

so any other opinion about this twin antispyware?

I’ve been using SpywareBlaster and SuperAntiSpyware for about 6 Months now and I have not had any spyware/malware on my computer :wink:

wow, so we can have superantispyware along with spyware blaster. i’ll try it. thx

Well i use SuperAntiSpyware for scans only not Real time protection. I use SpywareBlaster to prevent alot of spyware/malware

SpywareBlaster is a pretty good program for preventing malware and tracking cookies. You just update it 2-3 times a month and else you don’t need to bother about it. Doesn’t conflict with any security program(as far as I know) since it doesn’t run in real-time.

About SpywareGuard, I think they’re not going to do anything about it.
Latest version was released March 16, 2006 and latest definition file is from Jan 22, 2004 (correct me if I’m wrong).

So I’d say get SpywareBlaster but not SpywareGuard, as it’s out-dated.
But if I’m not wrong, Spybot S&D’s immunize function is alot better than SpywareBlaster.


is Spybot FREE??? (:TNG)

Yes Spybot Search & Destroy is free. And also a very good product


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That’s no option, it’s Firefox addon! http://noscript.net/

Better use both then!

Some people say it’s not good, being out of date, but I have no opinion here since the testing of antispyware products seems to be vague. At least, Spybot probably does something good. :slight_smile:


i’ve installed spybot SD,deinstall it, and try spyware blaster and removed it too. i’m very confused with so many security products. currently i’m using CAVS, CFP2.4, CBO, and Superantispyware free for on demand scanning.

any suggestion what security software can be categorized as MUST HAVE and SHOULD HAVE for me?


Actually, firewall and antivirus is only ‘must have’, tho it’s good to have others, like Spybot, since it blocks lots of malware, this preventing it from ever being installed. Also scans for around 70,000 malwares, updates 1-3 times a week.
I also like TeaTimer, which protects your startup, BHO’s, ActiveX etc. against changing.

Else there’s Lavasoft Ad-Aware(http://www.lavasoft.de).
Click ‘Ad-Aware’ in the menu and then ‘Ad-Aware Free Edition’.
The only thing Free edition lacks is real-time protection, but you’ll surivve without it.


then i guess my security setting with CAVS,CFP, & CBO + superantispyware is enough. am i right?

Yes, it’s good enough.
And of course it won’t hurt to use Windows Update once a month.
Heard CAVS doesn’t got such a great virus database, but it’s pretty new, and its HIPS will cover that part.


Sounds like a good setup, ganda. I’ve heard that asquared is a good antispyware program too. No real time protection in the free version, but you can make deep scans.


For free on-demand antispyware I hear that AVG AS Free, A-Squared and Superantispyware are thorough. Freebies with real time protection that I know, besides the already mentioned ones (SpywareBlaster and S&D’s TeaTimer), are Spyware Terminator (I use it and includes an optional HIPS) which is reportedly good, and Microsoft’s Windows Defender which is reportedly a so-so defence. WD is included in Vista I think. Also most times you can have as many of these programs at the same time, even the resident ones without conflict, and of course as many on-demanders as you like or feel paranoid enough to have. It’s always good to have more than one antispyware scanners since their individual detection rates are lower than the antiviruses’.

EDIT: +1 but yes, your current resident protection is well enough, especially if you keep some on-demand antispyware handy (I recon you do) for the occasional scan or in case you detect trouble.

i have CBO & superantispyware.i’ve tried spywareterminator once, but i don’t like to have double HIPS and double AV. (yes, i can disable ST’s HIPS & clam AV,but that makes me uncomfortable seeing the yellow warning).

i scan my computer daily with my CAV & superAS,check for update daily, do safe surf, i guess my computer’s safer & more secured than me ;D
thx for your opinions guys.