Spyware Blaster and Comodo Firewall

Hi guys;

I have SpywareBlaster from Javacool, when i try to update SpywareBlaster defs ; Comodo does not warn that SB wants to access Internet and this app is not in trusted/allow list.

what is happening with Comodo Firewall ???

Hi afg01,

Is CPF Interface stating that everything’s okay? Do you get any messages from other programs? Else it might be that CPF allows all traffic, can be changes easily by right-clicking on CPF tray icon, Adjust secuirty level->Custom.
That’s the only problems that I can think of.



The Comodo Status is

your computer security level is set to custom all is well and running

and I do get alerts when starting up my comp.

and i Dunno How SB works and dunno what is this a application or component that wants to update and i have updated SB defs without the CPF warning alerts.

what if some trojan infected my comp and want to update its definitions? (J/K)
and i have seen comodo firewall pro rated the highest among other firewalls.

I am going back to Zonealarm!! :SMLR

gfg01, do not know if this is of any help, but spyware blaster contacts ip for updates. comodo setup here default with custom setting. spyware blaster works with no problems. darth

I am afg01 (:WAV) not gfg01
I got the SB connecting to the same IP as well but no alerts?
If i add SB to The Application List the Info Down the CPF window says it is SAFE but i thawte if i scanned for known application in Tasks SB would automatically add to the application list but it was not and still CPF does not show alerts.

Hi afg01.

SpywareBlaster is in CFP’s safe database. To confirm this: Security > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Configure > Disable (uncheck) the 2nd option (Don’t show any alerts from the database etc.)