Hello people. Please, PLEASE, fix the antivirus continuously removing teatimer.exe (registry lock), a part of Spybot…Comodo AV even ignores my orders to exclude it from detection. Thanks alot.

Hi dexsk,

I am currently not using CAV (probably in the future I will).
But I have some experience with different Antiviruses and tested practically all those “big birds”.
I am just curious. I was surprise by your statement that CAV constantly “removing” ??? TeaTimer.exe.
So, I looked into CAV’s Help and found that Auto-quarantine by default is disabled, which is absolutely correct setting.
In every anti-virus auto-quarantine/delete auto-healing must be disabled and only notification should be set otherwise one single False Positive detection in system files area or vital registry key can render your system inoperable. Sure not all results of such detections are irrecoverable but sometimes only fresh system reinstall required. Why risk it?

Have you change that default setting to auto-quarantine?

Definitely if the detection is FP that should be fixes, but you have to submit file to Comodo developers for analysis irrespectively

My regards

Heres how i fixed mine:

before you do all the steps in the pictures make sure you get it out of quarantine

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