Spybot/Windows firewall override

Hi, I think I saw mention of this elsewhere but thought I aught to check as I promote CFP on several threads and boards and want to get the info correct before passing it on.

When you do a scan with Spybot 1.4 you get a warning message…
Microsoft Windows Firewall Security Centre Firewall Override.

I believe this is because MS does not recognise CFP, which turns the MS firewall off.

I always ignore this and do not let Spybot change it back.

Is this correct: would like to know before I post this anomaly on my other forums?



Hi Mike

Yes, that is true. Although it doesn’t actually matter if the Windows Firewall is enabled or not… the Windows Firewall is so… erm… poor that it doesn’t cause any conflicts with CFP.

Thanks for the info Kail.

Yes, heard that Windows Firewall is as much use as a chocolate teapot!
Not sure the Vista version is any better; is it the same one?


I’m sorry, I cannot answer for Vista’s Firewall… apparently, it has improved greatly and yet is still considered fairly useless - but, that’s hearsay… I’m one of those people who are staying away from Vista until at least post SP1. I have it… I just don’t want to install it… I had all my fun with W2k & XP, no more for me.

Likewise; will have to replace this ageing computer, over 5 years old now, but will wait till the end of the year at least till they sort out some of the Vista problems.

My son has it though and has managed to sort out most of his problems. :slight_smile: