Spybot-Search & Destroy 2.0 beta release now public!

Make it beta(r)! Spybot-Search & Destroy 2.0: beta release now public! - http://www.safer-networking.org/en/news/2011-05-11.html

An all in one anti-spyware suite, it has never been easier to secure your computer.

Spybot-Search & Destroy 2.0 beta has a modern appearance but it isn’t just the design that has changed. Discover the fast performance, enjoy the completely automated updates and new command center that will suit both new and advanced users.

Our team has tested this complete new version thoroughly but there will be some bugs. Remember it is a beta and as such not a replacement for the stable version 1.6.2.

Everyone can download and test this release, we appreciate your feedback!

Like to test our beta version? Download it here: http://spybotupdate.biz/files/spybotsd-2.0.3-beta1.exe (File size: 66 MiB, MD5 sum: 86886a4fdfcf46c982cf40365f992877)

Like to comment or ask a question? Please visit our support forum. If you found a bug please report it in detail with our bug reporting form.

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Thanks for the tip off. I’ve been waiting for this to become available.

Here you have a video showing a little test done to spybot 2.0 by languy.

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I gave it a short test ride. It could do with less screens. That makes it less user friendly even though they were probably introduced in an attempt to make it more user friendly. In that sense I like the old version better.

All those screens got me lost for a while; I do prefer the old version.

I’ve uninstalled it as it was adding significant time to boot and was taking over 100MB of RAM.

Got some sort of control by turning off the Services - that reduced the RAM used. Couldn’t find/get at the results of a scan and the scan dropped the RAM to about 60MB!

Don’t like the auto-update, as that needs a service running. I prefer to update manually.

Also didn’t want yet another firewall on and also wondered if the real-time scanner might conflict with D+ and Avast!

Can I use it as an on demand scanner together with CIS?

Should update automatic an scan once a week for example.


using now as Real Time:
Threat Fire
Windows Defender

I have the current Spybot 1.6 as on demand scanner. That works fine. I only played with 2.0 beta briefly but you may have some work disabling processes the new Spybot wants to run.

For now I would suggest stick to 1.6 for on demand scanning.