Spybot S&D with Immunize......

I am running the latest version of CIS. The firewall portion. I noticed when using the Immunize feature with Spybot S&D for the HOST file. My system will hang at 100% and it takes for ever to finish when new updates are installed. If I close the firewall. It is fine. Obviously D+ is not liking some thing and I need to make the change instead of having to close it every time and then update. What could be the issue?

Have you looked in the Defence+ events (log)
Instead of closing the firewall you could try Training Mode for the short time of running the Immunize process.

I tried training mode and it done the exact same thing. Logsā€¦ How would I look into that?

Defence+/View Defence+ Events
If you want to see more than todays events click the more button which gives a choice today/this week/this month/all times

Nothing in the logs worth noting. This is weird. Spywareblaster also has this same issue. It was happening even before installing Spybot and using the Immunize feature.