Spybot S&D Scans VERY slow with CFP 3 [BUG REPORT]

Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit, Comodo Firewall Pro 3.14.273(that test build), with Avast! Antivirus Professional 4.7.1098 (latest) and Spybot-S&D 1.5 (latest), Full patched update my Antispyware weekly and the OS.

Well… I have a scanning problem with CFP too! Spybot S&D scans incredibly slow with CFP installed… It took 25-30 mins to scan when it usually takes 6-8 mins! I uninstalled CFP and the speed works good again.

Is this a Defense+ conflict because the scanner is scanning and Defense+ Gets suspicious and slows it down? (without any alerts)

I noticed someone had a Spy sweeper scan problem too.

So Got any ideas people? anyone else have the same issue?

This is a well known issue. Spybot S&D version 1.5 has serious problems.
Mine refused to launch properly, took ages to load and ages to scan, etc.

Uninstall and reinstall version 1.4.

As far as I know this has nothing to do with any Comodo product; just a duff Spybot release.

Hope that helps.


Yes, Spybot 1.5 is buggy… They are currently doing more betas to fix bugs that were in the final version, like Comodo is doing now for v3… I hope Spybot fixes that problem!

Thanks Mike! :slight_smile: