Spybot S&D 1.6 Beta

For any of you that use this (is it really of use?), it’s now moved up a bit.

This program is too old and out dated. Needs a new GUI and slows your pc down when scanning. I will keep my SAS and MBAM.

I have to change its skin as the default one is difficult to read (low contrast).
This version is quicker than 1.52; I left it set to use one processor, so other things were working OK.
Looks as if there are some new functions due soon.
As its on-demand and not essential I let it d/l the Beta updates just to see what’s new.

I tried Spybot 1.6 Beta out.

1.5 did take 30 mins to scan, This one is faster as said, 7 mins to scan.

Atleast they are working fast on it now… All credit goes to them. SAS still leads though, with all due respect.


:BNC Finally a bit faster . Now it takes a minute to scan 88)


It’s about time they began re-designing their scan engine, I will take a look at the final release :slight_smile:

Looks really good. It took only 4 minutes to scan!


I always had certain sympathies - with the obvious exception being the tea timer function - for this proggie (even if being somewhat bashed for that by some), but what about the tea timer status in this new beta version? Not a resource hog anymore? (Haven’t tested it in this new beta version yet).

Might try it tomorrow.



I might also test the final version… The new scanning engine implements were designed for 2.0 but people were complaining.


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Beta installed. Seems to work fine. Immunization database seems to have grown a bit.
(There’s still the phenomenon that, if using Opera, some cookie immunizing or, whatever they intended here, seems not to work as intended. I guess they are heavily in need of Opera’s sourcecode, lol)
Otherwise, nothing to complain about, yet. Scanning is a BIT faster now.

I recommend using it as an additional layer, if nothing else.


It has been changed.


Not only that, but for the better I’d say. (Seeing there’s no Vista mentioning in it yet…) (:TNG)

Cheers Josh


So any one comment on its stability / detection? I heard that 1.5 really declined with its detection.

The only improvement was speed AFAIK :slight_smile:

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I don’t know why you guys and girls complaint so much about Spybot. In my opinion it is a great security application and free (not the most important :a0 )!

I use it ever since and never had complaints about it. It won’t find what other alike tools don’t. Does it make a bad one?

Maybe as a backups backup ;D But not for a second line defense ( the first one is a firewall) :slight_smile:

I kind of agree with you. But the first line of defense is not a firewall but your common sense. The 2nd line of defense is the use of a great Firewall :slight_smile: